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Maintenance Provider

Choosing a Maintenance Provider

Well, it has certainly been a busy few months when it comes to new maintenance customers. With many privately owned residential care homes, a small chain of hotels around Bristol and Bath, as well as a surprising increase in the smaller properties such as doctors' surgeries and dental practices, all making the switch to our fire alarm and emergency lighting contract.

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Emergency Lighting Soak Tests

Over the past few months we have been carrying out more and more site surveys for maintenance and I have been amazed at how many properties are still not having three hour emergency lighting soak tests carried out in accordance to BS:5266:Part 1:2016. The usual always used to be for sites to have two visits of one hour each per year but this is now only acceptable for a small proportion of properties.

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Working with Contractors

Alex from Kanconnections contacted us about the installation of two systems for DJ Bewley, a local firm of funeral directors. He had been passed our way by one of our contract customers and was interested in wiring the system himself. We explained to him how we work with contractors, offering a design, supply and commission service whilst providing all the technical advice needed to install the system.

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Site Survey at The Hawk Conservancy Andover

If you have never been then I can assure you that The Hawk Conservancy near Andover is a brilliant day out. I have been there in my own time but recently carried out one of the most interesting site surveys that I have ever done. You can’t help but be impressed by the facilities, knowledge and passion that make the place what it is.

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