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Wireless System

Advantages of a Wireless System

When trying to decide between a wired or wireless system it is sometimes easy just to look at the bottom line, and there can be no doubt that wireless systems are more expensive. However, there are numerous other considerations to take into account.

For listed buildings a wireless system is almost a no brainer with minimal damage to the fabric of the building. This is also true for properties with a high level of aesthetic finish. Regardless of how well a wired system is installed, trunking and containment is unsightly and will inevitably cause damage to the decoration.

Time is also a factor. A wireless system with 50 devices can be installed in two days whereas it could take up to two weeks to hard wire. What disruption would this cause to your normal operation? High occupation offices or shops should consider a wireless system because they can often regain the difference in cost against the disruption to the business.

Hotels can continue to operate normally during installation with noise also being minimal, offering limited nuisance to guests. It may not be true to say that wireless systems are right for everyone, but they are definitely a viable option for many properties.


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