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Reliable Radio Systems

Key to Reliable Radio Systems

The one biggest advance in fire alarm systems over the past few years has been the rise of the wireless system. In 2008 Europe introduced a set frequency that can only be used for fire alarm systems and this has helped to greatly reduce interference issues.

A modern wireless system can be just as reliable as a hard wired system providing a few basic principles are adhered to.

Firstly, a full radio site survey must be carried out prior to installation and the results recorded. We own our own survey kits and we can carry these out free of charge right from the quoting process.

Secondly, signalling equipment must be installed to provide a good signal strength to all areas. We have come across a number of systems that have been fitted with some areas that only just pass the test, this is the cause of most issues as only minir changes to the building can cause real problwms with the system.

Thirdly, cost isn't everything. Although all compliant radio systems operate on the same frequency and in similar ways, they are not all the same. The signal strengths can be different and so can the stability of the system. Over the course of the systems life a cheaper system can quickly become far more expensive.

We are available to carry out surveys and offer the correct advice without any obligation. When installed correctly by experienced engineers these systems are a quick and easy solution for a wide range of properties. See our 'Advantages of wireless systems' blog for more details or give us a ring.


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