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The Advantages of CT Nurse Call Systems for Owners and Managers


The Advantages of CT Nurse Call Systems for Owners and Managers

However, nurse call systems have gone the same way as mobile phones; 15 years ago they only made calls, now it’s just another feature. The Courtney Thorne system comes with a touch screen display, running Windows 8 and is more of a management tool than a nurse call system.

All calls are logged into the internal memory, along with the response time. In fact if you opt for the staff ID tags you can even see which member of staff answered the call. If a call is then escalated to an emergency this is also logged. This facility doesn’t only allow for management to monitor response times and staff workloads but can also be useful data when talking to residents families about their care. This data can be extracted from the system and analysed to produce reports in spreadsheets. Having information to hand, such as the average response time, will allow for goals and targets to be set and provide tangible evidence of improving service.

On top of this excellent management tool you can then also use the system as a sales tool, being able to reassure prospective clients about the levels of care you provide and to prove that the confidence you have in your staff is justified.

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